Hi,This NIKHIL BADONI and PRAYANT GUPTA.We are the founder of WORLD TECH NEWS. Our website deals with all types of upcoming gadgets and at the same time provide you with a quick review and relevant news covering such gadgets. It disclose future price,release dates and specification about the product you intend to buy in future.I have been working on this project for a couple of years and wants to share my knowledge and experience with you.Our website furnish with you with big and clear images and has a good use interface. It is made with HTML 5.So,it works smoothly in mobile phone as well as desktop. OUR SITE IS FULL FOR INFO AND MUCH MORE
WEBSITE: This website is divided into section each containing a unique and distinct content. A GAMING zone is created , comparison all sorts of news, new release information for gamers and game lovers.
Different type of SMART PHONES with price indication and special features is shown for those who love to collect such news or are planning to purchase a new mobile phone. A part of this site is always flooded with different sorts of GADGETS whether it is a new stype ear phones or smart watches. This is ment for who are interested tor know about different type of GADGETS which are been introduced or for those who want to have a good collection of HI-TECH products. Our website is open for all those who required assistance regarding future gadgets and we will be happy to serve them. THANK YOU

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