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By adi singh - April 23, 2017

In today's generation gaming are the most entertaining source for kids and teenagers.In this article, you will find some the best and Upcoming games in 2017 For PCs, X-box, PlayStation(ps) and many other gaming source games.Stay tuned.
Upcoming Games
Best Games 

#2017 TOP 3 Games 

Upcoming Games

It has been developed by the Arkane studios, the team behind the Dishonest games.It is a reboot of the 2006 sci-fi shooter.This adventure game is comprised of  alien monsters in space which we have to fight back in order to survive. It can be played on Xbox one, PC, PS4.It is likely to be released on 5 may,2017.

PREY is an upcoming first-person shooting action - adventure game developed by Arkan studios and published by Bethesda Softworks.Gamers are waiting eagerly for the release of prey.Prey will be released worldwide on 5 May 2017.

 Prey will be released for Ps4 Xbox and Windows
Prey is a new and improved version of the original 2006 Prey developed by Human Head Studios/

 The player takes the role of Morgan Yu and decisions made by the player will affect the element of the story of the game.Every decision taken by the player will set the future of the story.To survive player needs to collect and use guns and kill the aliens.Prey is excepted to be a brilliant game.Developers have worked hard for an awesome game and they will not satisfy any gamer.

Upcoming Gmaes

'Tekken' only name is enough.It is very popular game since its launch.Its fans will be waiting eagerly for its new version.This 3-d fighting series brings back veterans from the King of iron and newcomers like Kazumi Mishima, Kazuya's mother who can perform several techniques with her beast companion.This much-awaited the game is to be launched on 2 June 2017.It can be played on Xbox one, PC, PS4.

When we talk about fighting games, Taken is the first game which comes in our minds.

Taken series is the best fighting series in the gaming industry.Every 90's child is very familiar with taken.After the global success of Taken Tag and Taken Six Bandai Namco Studios

Has launched taken 7 but it is not available worldwide. 

     Taken is developed by Bandai Namco Studios.Takken is a single or multiplayer fighting game.Tekken 7 will be released worldwide on 2 June 2017

3) RIME:
Upcoming Games

It is the game with colorful landscapes and the mysterious ruins of the building add to the fun of exploring.The person(who is playing the game) can take the controls of the boy who washes up on a beach after a storm at sea.He awakens in a strange island with ancient looking marble ruins and finds a way to solve puzzles to activate various magical structures.To play this adventurous game one has to wait till 26 May 2017.This game can be played on Switch, Xbox one, PC, PS4

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