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Sony PS5 – Release date, Price, Specs, Features and Rumors

By adi singh - April 23, 2017

About PS5

After the success of PS4, Sony is preparing to launch PS5. Sony is one of the leaders in the international gaming market. PlayStation gamers are still hopeful that PS5 will be released soon after the release date of PS4 pro. Everyone wants to know the release date of PS5 , its specs , its price.  We have done a hard work for you and figured it out more.
 PS5 Specification,Release Date ,Price

PS5 Specifications

PS5 is going to come with most advanced and future technologies.
Internal wiring is replaced with optical waveguides, and transistors are powered by photons instead of electrons. What is more likely is that we’ll see a hybrid device, known as an optoelectronic computer, that will use a mix of the two technologies. 

PS5 Graphics

  • The PS5 pure processing power will offer developers like Paul and his team to create worlds that look real, and more importantly, feel real.
  • The rumored specs of PS5 is that it will have 4 k resolution (4 k UHD). 
  • It will have HOLOGRAPHIC DISPLAY which means you can play games not just on your tv but also on your room's wall.
  • It will have PHOTOREALISTIC GRAPHICS which will possibly indistinguishable from real life! 
  • IT will have quantum dot technology which way better than led and OLED....

PS5 Memory

PS 5 is rumored to have -
1:- 3d x point memory 
2:- 3d Stacked memory


  1. A UK based company called Optalysis and AMD are working together to make the best CPU for PS5. It will be powerful enough to handle any game at any resolution.
  2. According to CEO of and, this CPU will change the gaming experience and multitasking of PS5...he also says that this CPU will be far better than any CPU made till now for ps or any other PC...

PS5 Controller

  • The main part of ps is its controller..Sony works hard every time with its controller.From wired controllers to Bluetooth controllers, sony has tried its best to give better controllers for its fans...PS5 is rumored to have dual shock controllers.

PS5 Specification,Release Date ,Price

  • The DualShock 5 will improve on the previous controller with additional precision as well. Some possible changes will involve quantum locked analog sticks that can detect even the smallest movements. Combine this with a holographic projector, and touch-based buttons with tactile feedback, and you have the controller of the future.

PS5 Release Date

PS fans are waiting eagerly for the release of PS5.After the confirmation of release date of pS4 pro, ps fans are thinking that PS 5 will be released this year or early 2018.
ps5 release date , ps5 price

Sony is the leader of international gaming market..whether it was ps2 or ps4, company has earned huge profits from there every play station ...Gamers eagerly wait for the release date of PS5.In this article, we have decided the valuable information for you...

Before deciding the Release Date Of PS5, we have to look on the release date of ps4 pro .ps 4 pros will be releasing between the 2 and last week of November this year ..Release date of PS4 pro will greatly affect the release date of PS5 ......

We have done a research on the release date of PS5.the sad news is that PS5 will be released not before 2020.It is because of it a new technology o which sony is still working and will take some time.

From our sources, we have come to know that ps 5 will release between the last month of 2019 i-e(November and December) and starting months of 2020 (January,February and march)

 PS5 will have future and nano technology so waiting till 2020 is worthwhile...

PS1 Release DateDecember 3, 1994
Time Between5 Years 3 months – 1918 days
PS2 Release DateMarch 4, 2000
Time Between6 years and 8 months – 2444 days
PS3 Release DateNovember 11, 2006
Time Between7 Years, 5 days – 2562 days
PS4 Release DateNovember 15, 2013 (XBox beat by 7 days)
Time BetweenApprox - 7 years & 1 day - 2558 days total
PS5 Release DateNovember 15, 2020


The PS5 Price is rumored to come in two versions which will affect the price range

It is no secret that gaming is an expensive hobby.The price of ps4 was near $400 and this price worked for Sony ..PS 4 was the most selling console even at the high price of $400.So it is doubtful that Sony will go on with more high prices with PS5 

However, more players like Microsoft and Nintendo are also releasing their new gaming stations along with ps5, due to which sony will launch PS5 Specification at an affordable price.The price of ps4 was reduced due to its competitors like Xbox and maintain its dominance on gaming market, Sony is focusing more on its price range

First playstation were launched in 1995 which cost around 100 bucks. Then playstaion 2 launched in 2005 which cost the same and so on.Eventually to compete with Xbox360 the price came down.

Every year when Sony launches playstation.It came up with unbelievable features and design with a mind blowing PS price.

PS5 will be the one of the best and affordable gaming system in term of features in this gaming world.

PS5 price is high but if we see the inner side of system then it is nothing. 

The estimated price of PS5 Price as confirmed from our sources it between $600-$799

PS1 $299
PS2 $299
PS3 $599 + (depending on model)
PS4 $399
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